• We relocated from South Carolina to Seattle in January 2015, having left Seattle in 1984 to pursue careers (Gay - attorney; Richard - professor/scientist). We were both retired by the end of 2014 and we moved back into our old Wallingford house, newly renovated for studio space and assorted activities. We're weaving, making felt, glass and baskets, growing willow and assorted fruits and vegetables, making whole grain breads using locally available and home milled grains, sampling local beers, supporting various farmers markets, borrowing copious books from the library, and generally hanging out.

  • If you are Seattle you are welcome to visit! It hardly ever rains...

Baldmoose Studio is located in Seattle, Washington (Wallingford).
Contact us by email (gayvogt [at] yahoo.com; rgvogt00 [at] gmail.com) or telephone (206-569-0147).
Visitors are welcome.